Verification Requirements

What is post verification?

It means that the moderators reviewed evidence submitted by a poster, and we are confident that the post is a) real, and b) the poster was there. If you have evidence to the contrary, we’ll certainly look into it – we do make mistakes – but please be aware that we won’t remove or rescind a verified tag quickly.
Tl;dr: If we flair something as Verified, the mods are confident that it is real.

How does post verification work?

To verify a post, we require a few things. Proof of identity, proof of event, and proof of connection. These work to establish that the event happened, that the poster was there, and that the poster is who they say they are. We understand that not everyone will have all of these items, but this is what we require for us to confidently say that the post is true.

How do I verify my post?

We require a couple things:

  • A picture of ID in some form, with a written note containing your username in the photo, and:
  • A picture of a police report, a news article, or another form of third-party verification which describes your submission in some fashion.

Send these to In order to prevent accidental release of your information, this is the onlymethod we are using to handle verification requests moving forward– it means you don’t need to worry about accidentally sharing your private information on Imgur or a similar hosting site, and we can manage access to information much more securely on our end.

Speaking of privacy and security, this is a good time to mention that anything you send us will be kept completely confidential. We do not share the contents of what you send us with anyone, we do not include anything you send in our verification comments, and we do everything we can to protect your privacy and security.

If you’re unsure if you have the required information to get your submission verified, please send an email to